Clayton Hopley

Clayton is the director and Founder of CH Mortgage Services. Having studied Business and accountancy at University, Clayton then decided to continue his career in banking gaining 15 years experience working in the Retail Banking Sector in both the UK and Spain.

In the UK, his experience of mortgage and personal loan underwriting provided him with an excellent grounding to pursue a career in Spain working for the Spanish division of the same UK bank.  After a short time in Spain, he became invaluable to Spanish underwriting departments due to his ability to present concise reports explaining mortgage applications which relied on British methods of remuneration and complex accountancy systems, always with a view to obtaining positive, and more immediate lending decisions. His time in Spain has provided him with a great understanding of the Spanish legal and financial systems.  Clayton’s application of both theory and practise ensures that he can provide the best level of service to all of his clients.

During his 10 years in Spain, he has worked not only in the major cities of Madrid and Barcelona, but also in the coastal regions of The Costa Del Sol, Costa Blanca, the Balearic Islands and Canary Islands. He has served on the British Chamber Of Commerce, and, having travelled a greatly in his work, has obtained an invaluable knowledge in each of the different areas, collecting many very useful contacts along the way.  During his 10 years, Clayton has had a great insight into how the Spanish banking and legal systems work meaning that, with forward planning, he can help his clients to avoid the common pitfalls.

Outside of work, Clayton loves the country he now calls home.  He enjoys the Spanish language, culture, food and way of life as well as the great outdoors.  Spain´s many offerings means he can enjoy all of his passions including skiing, sightseeing and trips to the mountains or coast.